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Home Security Measures

Extra Home Security Measures Keep Us Secure

A home alarm system or some type of central security unit is the best way to protect your family and home, since these systems are supported by live people who are standing by in case of a breach at your residence. And while these alarm companies are great peace of mind, their main focus can be more response than deterrence. That’s why there are additional security measures that you can install in your home to help deter most any incident.

Here are some additional security measures that we recommend. Click on their links if you want to know more.

Security Measures

Window Bars are common in many commercial and urban areas because they are simple, effective, and require little maintenance. Window bars are a smart choice for basement and lower level windows, but often not necessary on the upper floors.

Motion Detector Lighting is not only a security measure, but it’s also an energy saver. Motion detectors keep your meter from spinning during the night hours, and since they are off most of the time, everyone — including your neighbors — will turn their heads when they switch on. This type of outdoor lighting is a smart, low-barrier option to keep away intruders.

Landscaping can also be helpful in protecting your home. Hedges and other well-placed trees and grasses can block line-of-site to your residence from streets, alleys, and yards. If potential burglars cannot see into your home, they are more likely to move on to another home that offers less visual deterrence.

Window Stops are fairly ubiquitous in this day and age, but if you are shopping for windows, you need to make certain that the brand you pick has them. These stops govern a window from being opened any farther than a few inches. So if you happen to forget to lock a window on a spring day, these stops will have your back.

Fences are a standard form of security, and they have been around this long because they work. Fences offer an additional barrier that potential intruders have to traverse, plus they offer a psychological benefit of making people question whether or not a dog is awaiting them if they happen to get in the yard. Solid wood fences offer an additional visual deterrence, but even a chain link fence is better than no fence at all.

Blinds & Curtains might seem odd items on this list of additional security measures, but consider this concept from the other side. An attractive home to burglars is one that looks easy to get into and has lots of high value items. If a burglar cannot see what’s in your home because blinds and/or curtains stymie his view inside, your home becomes less attractive. And that’s a good thing in this instance.

Door Locks are security measures that most people overlook. Most homes have them when you move in, but many people don’t change the locks, don’t have the proper door support, or they don’t install the best locks for their doors. If someone can get in the door easily, all of these other security measures are pretty useless.

PO Boxes are ideas that many people don’t consider, but if you travel frequently or work late often, a full mailbox or a doorstep littered with papers can be a tasty sight for potential burglars. You only have to forget to hold the mail one time for someone to notice you’re not home and try to get in. PO boxes keep your mail safe and keep your home from tattling on you when you’re away.

Guard Dogs don’t have to be the snarling Doberman Pinschers or Rottweilers that we see in movies, though they would be pretty effective. Nearly any dog that has a bark big enough to scare is a great deterrent. Plus, having things in the yard that let people know you have a dog is another psychological security measure that will keep potential intruders from scaling your fence.